How do I know if my child needs speech therapy? 

If communication is causing stress for child or family, they may benefit from speech therapy. A formal speech and language evaluation will help us determine your child’s unique strengths and needs.

Does my child need to have an evaluation?

It’s important to see exactly where we are to determine where we are going and develop appropriate goals and treatment. For this reason, it’s important to always start with a thorough assessment of your child’s speech and language skills. Some exceptions can be made if your child recently had a speech and language evaluation by another speech pathologist within the past year. Jill may decide to perform diagnostic therapy over a few sessions to determine your child's present levels of communication and develop a treatment plan.

Where does therapy take place?

Therapy takes place in your child’s school or home.  

How long are sessions?

Sessions last for 60 or 45 minutes. Session duration is determined by the child's individual needs. 

Will I participate in the sessions?

Yes! We encourage you to observe and participate in the sessions and truly believe you are you child’s best teacher. If sessions take place at school, you will receive an email after each session and consistent communication in order to ensure you are always up to date on your child’s progress and what to work on at home. Home practice is an essential part of speech therapy as your child is developing a new skill, not unlike learning a new sport. Repetition is necessary to increase motor learning. Applying these skills with a variety of people helps to ensure generalization into the child's family and school life.

How long will my child need speech therapy?

This depends on many factors including your child’s diagnosis, strengths, family involvement and carryover.  Programs that are parent implemented such as the  Hanen Program can be discontinued when the parent feels comfortable using the strategies on at home. Some children receive individual therapy for a few months, while others for a few years depending on the severity of their speech and language disorder.

What is the difference between a Speech-Language Pathologist, speech clinician, speech teacher, speech therapist and speech aide? 

A Speech Language Pathologist is a state and nationally licensed clinician with a minimum educational requirement of a Masters degree in Speech and Hearing Science and a one year of post graduate fellowship. The other titles do not require any specific education or clinical training. When looking for a Speech Language Pathologist you should ask the following questions:

Do you hold a masters or PH.D degree?

Are you licensed by the State Board of Medical Quality Assurance?

Do you hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence?

How many years experience do you have in the field?

What has been your experience working with your child’s specific disorder/diagnosis?

Where can I find out more about my child’s speech and/or hearing disorder(s)?

The American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) is an excellent resource for information. Their website provides news on the latest research and links to other support organizations.

Will my insurance company reimburse me? 

We are currently an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies, except Kaiser. However, this does not mean that your insurance company will not cover some/all services. Payment for services is provided directly by the family to North Bay Speech via check or PayPal prior to or at the time of service. Once payment is received, families can request a monthly superbill with treatment/evaluation services and diagnosis codes that can be submitted to an insurance company to seek reimbursement.

What if I have Kaiser?

North Bay Speech is an approved vendor for Kaiser Permanente. Children are evaluated by Kaiser and if Kaiser determines services are warranted, families may contact North Bay Speech to discuss availability for services.

Where are you located?

North Bay Speech is located at 412 Redhill Ave., Suite 1, San Anselmo, CA 94960, within the Children Therapy Services Clinic.

Which private schools are services provided at?

Currently, services are provided at select private schools in Central and Southern Marin.  Please inquire for further information.