Jill provides a free 15 minute phone consultation with parents to determine if therapy is warranted. Parents share their concerns and any information pertaining to past speech/language evaluations and therapy. Discussion about whether diagnostic therapy or a comprehensive evaluation is needed.



Comprehensive speech and language evaluations are administered with standardized testing and reports. Assessments can occur in the child’s home or private school. 


preschool and private school screenings:

Teachers often have questions as to whether the child’s sound errors are developmental in nature or an area of concern. Jill offers screenings at preschool and private school’s campuses. Further testing and/or speech therapy will be recommended if needed. 


Individual Therapy:

Sessions are conducted in 45 or 60 minute increments depending on the child’s age and particular needs. Therapy is provided at Jill's office in San Anselmo and select private schools. Jill provides evidence based practices to determine the length, frequency, and method of treatment. With young children, therapy is play-based to keep your child engaged and motivated to communicate. All therapy is individualized to meet your child’s unique learning style and incorporate his/her personal interests.


parent training:

As a certified Hanen instructor, Jill can provide small group classes and in-home training for parents of early intervention and preschool children with language delays. Jill teaches families how to facilitate communication in the home through daily routines, games, books, and songs.



Jill has experience working in the public school setting and can guide parents through the IEP process. Jill can help parents review and make recommendations about IEP goals.