“Jill worked with my daughter Tatum for 2 years. My daughter struggled with apraxia her whole life and had always been difficult to understand. Jill worked tirelessly with Tatum using PROMPT therapy twice a week and now we are happy to say has graduated from speech! Jill even resolved Tatum’s tough /r/ errors that other therapists were unable to fix. Jill worked as a team with me and my husband by providing lots of family education and home practice. Tatum is now a confident, clear speaker. We are ever so grateful to Jill.”

                                         —— Melissa Sanchez

“When Sam first started working with Jill at age 8, he had severe articulation issues. His friends, classmates and even my husband and I often had trouble understanding him. R’s were the largest problem, but he also struggled with the S and TH sound. After only a few months, the /s/ and /th/ errors were gone. This dramatically improved his speech and improved his confidence both in the classroom and socially. We’ve continued to work on the R’s which take longer to improve. He is now working to master R at the conversation level and is almost across the finish line! Jill has been amazing on so many levels. She established an immediate connection with Sam and made him feel comfortable. She motivated him to do his best and care about his progress. She keeps up on the latest tools and develops her own methods which work! She was also a great partner to me and taught me how to practice with Sam at home. Jill is an exceptional teacher and we are so grateful for her help!

                                     —— Paula Connelly

"Jay might not be speaking today if not for Jill. She began working with Jay when he was four and he was completely non verbal. Thanks to Jill's dedication, patience, perseverance and most of all, her talents, Jay was able to transition to a mainstream school when he was eight and today he can talk for hours about almost anything. Jill turned what's often a frustrating process into a fun adventure for Jay and our family. We'll always be grateful for the years he spent with her."

                                         —— Marc Burstein

"Jill is an extraordinary therapist. After my son Ari had been through one early intervention therapist, one school therapist, and one private therapist with little progress, we found Jill. Ari was so difficult to understand. He was even dismissed by the school therapist, because she said his sound errors were not affecting him academically or socially! During Jill's first session with my son, she did a thorough exam of his mouth and discovered he was tongue tied. All these years, no other therapist or even his pediatrician, picked up on this. Jill said his speech impediment was "myofunctional" in nature and made referrals to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. Ari had a simple procedure in which his tongue was released. A few weeks later, we began therapy with Jill and she completely fixed his S and R problem within 9 months. Jill's thoroughness and knowledge of the speech anatomy made a huge difference in Ari's therapy approach."

                                         —— Alison Snyder

"Jill worked with our daughter Nieve for two years on her expressive language. Our daughter struggles with dyslexia and challenges with memory and organization which interfere with her ability to express herself. Jill developed a special  rapport with Nieve and was able to make her a more confident speaker. Jill helped our family navigate the arduous IEP process. She made recommendations on appropriate treatment goals that would support Nieve's progress in the classroom. We are happy to say that Nieve no longer needs speech therapy. We are so grateful for the time Nieve spent with Jill and would, without hesitation, highly recommend her services!"

                                         —— Jennifer Thomson